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#acachamps 2016 schedule

posted Jun 27, 2016, 6:17 AM by The A Cappella Society

A Cappella Championships 2015

posted Jul 8, 2015, 8:42 PM by The A Cappella Society   [ updated Jul 10, 2015, 8:25 PM ]

30 groups of participants and more than 200 singers 
Audience of more than 250
Here are some of the video clips you wouldn't want to miss out!!

The announcement of the result for "Open Category"
We are featured in Channel 8 "The Arts is Awesome Ep 20" for publicity and media coverage for A Cappella Championship 2015. 

The "Encore" edition by Acappellago from the Philippines, winning the highest score for that night!!

YouTube Video

See you guys next year for A Cappella Championship 2016

The annual A Cappella Championship kicked off this year at ITE Central’s Theatre@IlluminITE. 

This year, there are total of 5 beatboxers and 25 A Cappella teams. All gathered together for this event. It has reached up to 400 audiences, with a total of 31 walked in, 169 tickets were sold online. Participants numbers increased nearly to 200 compared to previous year. 

Congratulations to Rhapsody for winning audience best favourite team for that night. Total of #108 post in Social Media Instagram for The A Cappella Society, 16 posts fall under Rhapsody with total of 636 likes as at 9.17pm on 4th July 2015.  

This year, the audiences were mainly the singers, their own school supporters, trainers and general public walk in guests, event organizers and passion card members. It comprises of Malays and Chinese the most and little from Indians and Caucasians. 

We will like to take this opportunity to thank our Judges, Emcee and sponsor: 
1) Freddy Lim
2) Sam Hilton (Guest from Hong Kong)
3) Samuel Low
4) Christel Hon
5) Iris Koh
6) David Thian
7) Qian Bi (Emcee)
8) Vincent Pang (Food Sponsor)


Our marketing efforts also included announcements to schools through our monthly newsletter, social mediums and regular updates via our website, Facebook pages, Meet Up, Time Out Magazine, MeClub, OCBC, PAssion, MOE, Safra, ALUMNUS as well as through the participants and schools involved. 

The year, audience have a chance to cast their votes via by Instagram to choose their favourite groups. In addition, audience is ask to do the drum roll when it announce the silver and gold awards. Kindly refer to the YouTube link above. 

A lot of anticipation for this year. Audience requested for "Encore" and Acappellago gave their last shot with a big bang. The level of enthusiasm last all the way till 9.30PM that night. In Instagram many of the audience left their posts to TAS. "Hope to come next year again, it was fun and exciting, it was a splendid performance and etc". 


The main mission to inspire all age groups who loved singing and have a great passion to get involve together. Music is something that break through communicate barrier, create bonding and connection with one another.  TAS needs to set larger goals to possibly grow the publicity profile of such a great event through the media and as well through a larger venue and more prominent sponsorship for prizes and perhaps even an awards night to honor established local groups.

A Cappella Championships 2015 - Register Now!

posted Apr 24, 2015, 2:31 AM by Alex Sassarak

The A Cappella Society is happy to present to you another year of A Cappella Championships! The event will be held at illuminITE Theater at ITE College Central on 4 July 2015.

Hurry and register your interest before the closing date - 1 May 2015. Please click the link below to register.

You can email your queries at

We hope to hear from all of you soon!

A Cappella Championships 2013 - Post-Concert Report

posted Jul 13, 2013, 2:40 AM by Alex Sassarak


Post-Concert Report for A Cappella Championships 2013

6th July 2013, Theatre@IlluminITE, ITE College Central

The annual Sing Off in Singapore has gone up yet another notch after this year’s showcase at ITE Central’s Theatre@IlluminITE.

A total of 5 beatboxers and 22 a cappella teams competed in the finals and the amount of good work in the areas of new arrangements, training concepts of each director, the professional skill of vocalists and the energy and amount of importance and dedication put into the competition by all members, the schools and the trainers was very high.

The programme ran with 5 beatboxers for the beatbox battle, 2 choirs, 4 high school teams, 7 college teams, 7 open category teams and 2 international teams from Hong Kong.

The results ended with many close battles and many a time it was by just 1 point to the next team.

The competition has come to a point where it would do well to have bigger sponsors and supporters to give it the stature it truly deserves from a more than good venue to good and well trained crew and flawless administration. This has to be set as the new target for the next championships.


Please refer to attached excel sheet.


The almost 400 strong audience came largely from the participants and their supporters and this year also included a sizable number of general public. (Tickets sold : Participants :)


The profile of audiences were mainly singers, club supporters, trainers and some from the general public and even event organisers, largely under 25 with a good percentage of Chinese and Malay participants and some Indians too. The audience comprised of largely Chinese and Malay supporters and some Caucasians.


Our marketing efforts also included announcements to schools through our monthly newsletter, social mediums and regular updates via our website, and facebook pages as well as through the participants and schools involved.

Feedback from The Audience

The success of this yearly event and the greatness that it serves to our participants is all that needs to be seen as a great production. From the level of enthusiasm of winning or the humility learned from losing to the respectable thank yous, this event has embedded itself as an instrumental yardstick for most local school teams.


Yet again, the main mission to inspire and start a chain reaction of enthusiasm and channel more interest towards harmony singing has been achieved. TAS needs to set larger goals to possibly grow the publicity profile of such a great event through the media and as well through a larger venue and more prominent sponsorship for prizes and perhaps even an awards night to honor established local groups.

A Cappella Championships'13 @ ITE College Central

posted Jun 5, 2013, 11:03 PM by The A Cappella Society

Due to overwhelming response, this year's A Cappella Championships will be hosted by our venue sponsor, ITE College Central.

Venue: ITE College Central, illuminITE Theatre, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive (Blk A, Level 2)

Do take note of the change in venue, and we look forward to a spectacular performance battle on the 6th of July!

5 Reasons why YOU should be at The A Cappella Championships

posted Jun 24, 2012, 11:55 PM by Unknown user

We have FIVE reasons why your friends and you should catch the A Cappella Championships

It's not exactly The Sing-off, but Singapore's a cappella community have been waiting for this since the conclusion of last year's Championships! Check out the suave Resonance!

(Credit: Chen Junyang,

If you're from any of the schools who are sending in representatives at the Championships, come catch the school spirit and cheer on for your school!! 

Nobody is ever too young or old to appreciate good music, and especially GOOD MUSIC produced by ONLY THE MOUTH and VOICE! 

Support the vibrant local A Cappella community, because we can be as good as anyone, anywhere else!

All good lists have 5 points. :P Kidding! 

This is the ONLY competition in Singapore that celebrates the talents of the local a cappella community! Plus, this year the A Cappella Championships is part of the SHINE YOUTH FESTIVAL, so be there all you young people, or young at heart to be part of biggest action in the vocal music community in Singapore.

Passes for the A Cappella Championships are available now! Get your passes fast before it runs out!

A Cappella Championships on FaceBook!

posted Jun 13, 2012, 10:14 PM by Unknown user

The A Cappella Championships is on FaceBook - catch up with updates leading up to the championships itself, and also pictures and videos from the event will be up on the page! Be at today!

Pledge to SHINE at the A Cappella Championships!

posted Jun 6, 2012, 12:59 AM by Unknown user

No goal is too big or small. Share your aspirations online with other youth and pledge how you’re going to achieve it at the Pledge to SHINE portal. Fire up your passion, and let’s work step by step together to go after it! You’ll also stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Remember that passes for the A Cappella Championships are already available on our website. Get your half-day passes to support your favourite category and full-day passes to support ALL of friends!

Promotional Performance at Esplanade Library

posted May 30, 2012, 9:35 PM by Unknown user

3rd June, 6.30pm

Catch NUS RESONANCE, TEMBUSU TREBLEMAKERS and beatboxers DZ-BEATZ and Dhur-cash at a special OOOM featuring local a cappella groups and beatboxers to spread word of the highly anticipated A Cappella Championships!

Passes for the A Cappella Championships are already selling at, be sure to catch it!!

Registrations are OPEN

posted Apr 3, 2012, 12:20 AM by Unknown user

The annual AcaChamps are now OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!

Aspire to be part of The Sing-off, sans the elimination? Be the spectacle as your a cappella group will perform your best set before an audience and an adjudication panel consisting of a cappella and music veterans!

In our 12th year now, the A Cappella Championships is dedicated to provide a friendly platform for groups to learn before each other and also help groom existing groups to a higher standard. 

Past years winners and runner ups (e.g. Equivox, Tone, MICappella) have been doing well and inspiring new groups to be formed - so take this chance and BE THE SPECTACLE!

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